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Group Study Programs in Italy

Italian study programs in Italy for universities, schools and groups of foreigners. Learn Italian while exploring the city and culture


Programs designed to learn Italian and get to know Bologna and other cities in Italy

Italian study programs in Bologna for foreign universities, schools and private groups are perfect for learning Italian, while exploring the city and its culture.

Group study vacations of whatever length, also bring groups of students to the different Italian cities to learn Italian through history, culture and food with customized courses and engaging activities.

The combination of group lessons and rich cultural activities will offer a unique experience, and a complete immersion in the Italian language and lifestyle.

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Why learning Italian in Bologna?

European Capital of Culture in 2000 and rich in memories of the many civilizations that have lived here over the centuries, Bologna boasts lots of reasons for visiting.
Choosing a vacation study in Bologna you’ll have the opportunity to visit its fascinating medieval historic center, including its ‘two towers’ and its 38 km of porticos, UNESCO heritage site.

You’ll experience the oldest university in Europe, established in 1088 AD, which brings together students and intellectuals from all over the world. You’ll taste traditional dishes in all the excellent restaurants and gelaterie which contribute to the great reputation of Bolognese cuisine, one of the finest in Italy.

You’ll discover why, without a river and far from the sea, Bologna is the ‘city of waters’, and you’ll walk among the hills that surround the picturesque red roofs of the city.
For all these reasons Bologna is known as la Dotta, (the erudite), la Grassa (the fat), and la Rossa (the red).

Cosmopolitan Bologna unveils its secrets and contradictions to visitors keen to explore its streets, parks, markets, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, shows, festivals … I know it so well, let me accompany you!

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